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Imagine, Inspire, Improve.

At Imaginasun, we specialize in catapulting small to medium-sized businesses to new heights of success. Operating nationwide, we deliver bespoke marketing, sales, and leadership strategies that are crafted to ensure sustainable growth and stellar results.

Our founder, Cameron DeJong, is not just a strategist but a seasoned visionary with more than two decades of profound experience enhancing business outcomes across America. Under his guidance, we’ve transformed the trajectories of numerous companies, translating complex challenges into seamless success stories.

Here at Imaginasun, we don’t just work for you; we work with you. Cameron personally engages with every client, ensuring that our solutions are perfectly aligned with your unique business needs and goals.

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PROVEN, INNOVATIVE Consulting Services

Strategic Sunlight

Tailored Strategy Review and Development for Established Small and Medium Businesses

Imagine Sunlit Possibilities: Unlock the potential of your established business as we delve deep to bring a fresh perspective to your existing strategies.

Inspire Sunlit Actions: Be inspired by a comprehensive 2-3 hour presentation full of insights drawn from deep industry experience.

Improve with Sunlit Precision: We'll guide you in implementing precise improvements focusing on maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Sunrise Startups

Strategy Formulation for Startups

Imagine New Dawns: Begin your business journey with clarity and ambition.

Inspire Morning Glows: Draw inspiration from an empowering 2-3 hour presentation, ripe with innovative and competitive insights.

Improve at Dawn’s First Light: Move confidently into the marketplace with a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

C-Suite Solaris

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Services

Imagine Guiding Light: Expand your business's horizons as Cameron DeJong steps in as your fractional CMO.

Inspire High Tide: Cameron leads your marketing team through hands-on development and implementation of high-impact marketing initiatives.

Improve with the Rising Tide: Experience continual improvement with an ongoing partnership adapting to the evolving business landscape.


Industries Illuminated

At Imaginasun, we are proud of our track record of guiding diverse industries towards significant growth and success. Here’s a look at the sectors that have benefited from our collaboration:

Healthcare, Including Dental B2B: Our strategic interventions in the healthcare sector have led to dramatic improvements in marketing processes, boosting marketing ROI by over 650% and lead generation by 110% within just three months. This success extends to our work in the dental B2B space, where we spearheaded digital transformations that drastically increased market penetration and sales.

Telecommunications: With a deep understanding of telecommunications, our initiatives inspired substantial growth and service enhancements, setting new benchmarks in customer service and sales performance across the regions we served.

Restaurants: We managed comprehensive strategies for a premier restaurant, propelling it to be recognized as the pinnacle in its state through forward-thinking marketing and customer engagement approaches.

Community Engagement: Our leadership in community-focused campaigns, relying on strategic communication and detailed surveys, navigated multiple initiatives to successful outcomes, enhancing public engagement and satisfaction.

Trades and Services: Our expertise in digital marketing for service companies resulted in a surge in online visibility to top Google search rankings and a tenfold increase in qualified leads.

Ready to Join Our Success Stories? We Can Work with You, Too!

No matter your industry, Imaginasun is equipped to bring your business into the spotlight. Our proven ability to adapt and innovate is not just for the fields we’ve worked with previously. We’re here to explore new avenues and create bespoke strategies that meet unique industry challenges. If you’re ready to see substantial improvements and growth, we’re ready to make it happen. Reach out today to start our journey together!


Integrated Expertise Across Domains:
At Imaginasun, we offer more than marketing solutions; we provide a comprehensive blend of marketing, sales, and leadership strategies. This integrated approach ensures your business strategies are synchronized and holistically targeted towards sustained growth and success.

Proven Results Across Diverse Industries:
With over two decades of demonstrated expertise spanning multiple sectors— including healthcare, telecommunications, and consumer services—Imaginasun brings battle-tested strategies tailored to each client’s specific business environment. Our experience across a spectrum of industries equips us with unique insights to propel your business forward.

Personalized Service with Strategic Depth:
Imaginasun combines the attentive, personalized service of a boutique firm with the strategic depth often found in larger consultancy agencies. This unique balance ensures that all our clients receive focused attention backed by scalable, innovative solutions.

Data-Driven Strategies for Tangible Outcomes:
We base our strategic decisions on robust data analysis and the latest industry insights, aiming for measurable enhancements in marketing ROI, lead generation, and overall business growth. With Imaginasun, you’re not just adopting new strategies; you’re investing in proven, quantifiable results.

Leadership Development as a Pillar of Growth:
At Imaginasun, we believe that robust business performance is powered by strong leadership. Our programs and strategies are designed to foster leadership capabilities at every organizational level, turning your team into a dynamic force that drives continuous improvement and innovation.

Transform your Business with Imaginasun

Embrace the power of strategic innovation with Imaginasun. Drawn from decades of expertise and validated by a track record of outstanding success, our solutions are crafted not just to meet but to exceed your ambitious business goals. 

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Exclusive Fractional CMO services

Elevate your business with Cameron DeJong's strategic guidance as your fractional CMO.

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